Meet the Instructors

Meet The Instructor: Sutton Knight

Paddlefit Level 3 Certified WPA Coach, Professional SUP Racer, Surf Coach, Black Belt, Certified Lifeguard/CPR/AED

Ever since I was a kid, I used to have dreams about surfing in the James River. Today, SUP has opened up a whole new world to a lot of people, and I am no different. I think we have the Hawaiians’, and Laird Hamilton and his cronies to thank for this incredible new sport, but also all of surfing’s rich cultural and historical heritage and the fearless men and women who forged it.

I grew up in Richmond, VA but I’ve been riding waves since I was about 7 or 8. One summer, my cousin left his board behind at our beach cottage. That was it—I’ve been hooked ever since.

I bought my first board when I was 15. I got to surf more in college while attending ODU and then moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in my early 20s. I logged a ton of time on the Outer Banks before moving back to Richmond to finish my studies at VCU (1989 alumni).

Sutton Knight

I’ve chased waves in Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, the Caribbean, Central America, and of course, Virginia. I’ve ridden short boards, fun boards, long boards (both traditional & high performance), and now standup.

I enjoy paddling distances, open ocean racing, a little whitewater, standup wave riding, and cruising the James for exercise and recreation. I also enjoy surfing, skating (long & short board), wakeboarding and snowboarding.

1989 was a big year for me. I received my black belt in Tae Kwon Do (I’ve been studying with Master Phuong Khan Hoang of Koryo Traditional Martial Arts off and on since 1983) and have learned a lot about fitness –body, mind and spirit. I graduated from VCU in Arts and Letters. And most importantly, married Nancy – my beautiful Island girl (Hong Kong, not Waikiki) with whom I share a home and two fantastic daughters, Sarah and Hannah (both standup paddlers) and our beloved (and wild and crazy) poodle, Ozzy. When I’m not working, paddling or surfing, I enjoy painting (you guessed it, ocean and surf scenes), playing the guitar and ukulele, reading, and being with my family and friends.

Meet The Instructor: Hannah Knight   Sequence 01.00_00_33_19.Still005

Paddlefit Level 1 Certified, Certified Yoga Instructor/CPR /AED

Known for her mellow and elegant paddle groove, Hannah is on her fourth season teaching SUP. She is currently a student at the VCU Honors College. An avid paddler and sometimes surfer (when the waves are two foot hot, and glassy), she  specializes in  Basic  and advanced SUP,is a certified  Rasa  (Yoga Alliance 2oo hour RYT) Yoga Instructor , and heads up our SUPFiT YOGA program. She is an accomplished Mind Body Yogi, warm, fun, and caring; and teaches in several other venues around Richmond.




supfit sarahMeet The Instructor: Sarah Knight


Sarah is going on her third season teaching Basic SUP, SUPFiT, and SUPFiT YOGA. She is known for her upbeat personality, her dedication to excellence in Fitness and Training (she’s an animal- trust me!),  her constant high level of stoke, and a flawlessly perfect stroke. Something wild and fun is always going down when Sarah’s around!  She’s great with kids (and parents/adults).


Meet The Instructor: Carter Adams Carters Glory days

Paddlefit Level 3 Certified

Carter has been surfing for almost 50 years (but you’d never guess his age). He’s one of the funnest, up for anything, Level 3 Instructors around. Originally from Surf City, USA (Va Beach- the east coast version that is), Carter has surfed everywhere from Tahiti to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica to California, and all over the east coast. He’s a hard charger in the surf, an accomplished racer, and a true gentleman who loves to teach and help others. He also holds black belts in several Martial Art disciplines.

Meet The Instructor: Glenn Pflueger

Masters in Fitness Science

Glenn holds his Masters in Fitness Science and is well known in the Richmond area as a top-notch and high energy fitness trainer and coach to many of the area’s top high school athletes. He’s a fairly recent convert to our sport and loves to paddle for fun and fitness with his wife and pro tennis coach  and frequent ECBS paddler Joanna Matuszczyk. Glenn will be a major threat in the racing leagues in months and years to come!

Meet The Instructor: Michael Adams

Michael is going on his third season with ECBS as a paddle instructor. A radical and gifted surfer, skilled paddler, whitewater aficionado, and expert SUP fly-fisherman, Michael’s winning smile and gentle ways inspire fun and confidence with paddlers, old and new. Michael holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is currently studying in the off season at Virginia Tech.