Terms & Conditions

Safety Waiver

I understand that participation in this activity is, by nature, physically demanding. Therefore, all participants must be free of medical or physical conditions which might create undue risk to themselves or others who might depend on them.

It is my responsibility to inform the instructor about any medical or physical conditions I have which might affect my activities and understand the nature of the physical demands of this activity. In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the instructor in charge to hospitalize, secure proper anesthesia, and to order injection, surgery or other medical treatment for myself as a participant or for my son, daughter or ward, as a participant. I, therefore release any and all rights or claims for damages against East Coast Board Sports, LLC, and all individuals assisting in instruction and conducting these activities, for any and all injuries, loss or damage suffered by the participant at, or in any way connected with, these activities.

The nature and scope of the activity will be fully explained to me by East Coast Board Sports, LLC. As a participant in this activity, I recognize that there are risks and dangers associated with this activity including, but not limited to, serious injury and/or fatality. I understand that East Coast Board Sports, LLC, it’s employees, volunteers, agents, heirs and assigns, operators, staff or instructors do not guarantee the safety of participants with respect to this activity. I also understand that each participant has the responsibility to exercise due care in the performance of the activity for the safety of himself/herself and of the other participants. In consideration of being permitted to engage in this activity, I assume all the risks and liability that may arise from my involvement and participation in this activity. I further agree to adhere to all East Coast Board Sports, LLC policies and regulations. I understand that these standards are intended to reduce the risks of injury to persons and destruction of property, but do not guarantee that personal injury or destruction of property will not occur. I will hold harmless and fully indemnify East Coast Board Sports, LLC, their employees, volunteers, agents, heirs and assigns from any and all claims, damages, actions, liability and expense now and in the future, in connection with any and all personal and bodily injury and/or damage or theft to my personal property, be it foreseen or unforeseen.

This Agreement is severable. It is enforceable as to the remaining parts, if any part is deemed unenforceable by law.